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Analyzing how money is spent as a couple is important because, let’s be real, nobody wants to be that couple that constantly fights about money and ends up on the brink of divorce because one person spent $200 on avocado toast and the other person spent $50 on a pair of socks. By analyzing how money is spent, couples can avoid these types of petty arguments and instead focus on more important things.

Plus, analyzing money spending helps couples make informed financial decisions and ensures that their money is being used wisely, rather than just randomly being thrown at unnecessary purchases like a bag of potato chips that will only bring temporary happiness. So, in short, analyzing money spending as a couple is important for the sake of your relationship and your bank account.


Filtering expenses is like the ultimate superpower for anyone trying to keep their finances in check. It’s like having X-ray vision for your bank account. You can see exactly where all your money is going, whether it’s on groceries, entertainment, or that one time you accidentally spent $100 on cat toys (no judgment, we’ve all been there). And with the ability to filter by category and date, you can really drill down and see where you’re spending the most.

Maybe you’ll discover that you’re splurging a little too much on takeout. Either way, having the ability to filter expenses is crucial for anyone looking to take control of their spending and save some cash. Plus, it’s way more fun than doing math by hand.

We love how user-friendly this app is. It has helped us stay on track with our finances and goals.

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